Friday, July 23, 2010

People Make Me Angry!

Today my friends and I were talking about the environment. I completely lost it! I started screaming about how stupid people are and that they don't care what they have to do to the environment or what animals have to be killed to get what they want. I cringe whenever I see someone throw out something that could be recycled or just drop a cigarette butt out the car window. People are so stupid! No wonder we have problems like oil spill or other issues. PEOPLE ARE CARELESS GREEDY JERKS! Just because animals can't talk and tell how they feel abut whats happening. (Coltan Mining etc.) doesn't mean its okay to do this.

You Tell Me... Are You A Careless Greedy Jerk...? Are You Sure? Look Around? Look What You Have. What has happened to the environment in order to get those things...? Hmm?

Now Tell Me Again. Tell the Truth. Are You A Careless Greedy Jerk?
Don't Lie To Me. Don't Lie To The Environment. Don't Lie To The Gorillas.